Codependency and Christian girls….of all ages

27 Feb

With the blessing of author Nancy Groom, I’m beginning my third womens’ group using her book, From Bondage to Bonding. At the orientation meeting, fourteen women, ages 45-60, both single and married, showed up to commit to six months of exploring how the dynamics of codependency work in our lives and relationships. Our communal hope is that together we’ll learn to develop healthier personal boundaries and stronger self-concepts. Our common goal is being better lovers–of the Lord, of our dear ones, and of others whose lives we touch.

Although I’ve yet to meet Nancy Groom (see her bio at, I’ve long considered her a treasured mentor and discipler of my life journey with Christ. Recently I was honored to speak with her on the phone and to exchange emails with her. I couldn’t believe I was speaking to this wise author who has so greatly influenced my life through her writings.  Through our conversations I have the hope of drawing on her spiritual direction face-to-face before the year is out. More on that later…

Meanwhile, whenever I’ve led this group, so many insights, questions, and amazing pictures emerge of life-as-women-trying-hard-to-love-and-not-lose-ourselves that I decided to blog the progress of this particular group. I’ll never compromise anonymity but with permission I’ll share what we’re learning and I’ll record where we’re stuck.

Hopefully, others will join us online and contribute to the discussion. All are welcome. Let us know whether we help or confuse the issues…and straighten us out if we seem off-track.  Not one of us has all the answers. We need each other, and we welcome the company.

Thanks and love, Stef