I’m a woman who loves to pray, read, write, garden, watercolor, laugh, listen to music of all kinds, and glory in what God has created! When given the choice, I’ll live in the country, preferably where I have a view free of what is man-made.
Cooking fresh healthy food and serving it to those I love–a passion.
I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, devoted for 30+ years now. Sold out, but very fallible. I’m a lifelong student in God’s School of Overcoming. I’m filled with the Holy Spirit and captivated by the Word of God.
I’m a wife, newly wed to Rick, a good man, walking this Christian walk together.
I’m a mother to three grown kids: Sarah, Bekah, and Boone.
I’m a sister, friend, counselor, nurse practitioner, co-worker, employer, leader, follower, and owner of Ruby, famous poodle.


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